• How do I tell my mom I am Bisexual?
    I'm proud of who I've become, including recently discovering I am Bi. But how do I tell my mom, even though I know she will accept me? I am still...
  • Do I have depression, anxiety, or etc and do I have a toxic parent?
    I prefer not discussing in public websites but I do want help. My therapy is singing but my mom tells me to shut up so I can only sketch or write...
  • Hello all
    I'm new, I have just stumbled on to this forum so please be gentle. I am suffering from some insane low self-esteem issue's and have just been...
  • My depression
    Hi guys! back again. So basically, when I discovered this website(which was exactly 4 months ago yay!) I had just found out I had depression and...
  • How do you get people stop calling you a bully even though you aren't one?
    I'm tall and look intimidating when I'm not smiling but I'm not rude. They call me it as a joke and I don't want to ruin my friendship. I just...
  • Hi friends!
    I just joined today and I’m so excited to see what I can do here on this platform positively.
  • revenge time ?
    There was a group of cool guy left me out back in HS. Some sort of destiny bring us back together at the martial art gym. Now I am totally better,...
  • I get bullied by an obese woman at work
    I am a very educated and intelligent and hard working woman in biotech company now. I am very fit and healthy and attractive and polite and mild...
  • How do i come out my parents
    Ummm I'm new to this place and well i want to say that i just found out im gay/lesbian and i'm scared to tell my family because i feel like they will...
  • Hi Everyone!
    I'm new to all this hopefully I fit in and share smiles with you all 🙂


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