10 things to remember during lockdown

Feel like you are struggling at the moment? It’s a weird time and you’re not alone in feeling frustrated, sad or worried.

We’ve got you covered with our top 10 things to remember during the Coronavirus lockdown. If you find this useful, why not check out our Coronavirus support hub in partnership with Tumblr?

You’re already smashing this lockdown thing

Seriously. Depending on where in the world you’re from, you’re now either several weeks or several months in and you’re doing it. The challenge has been long and tough and isn’t over yet, but you’re getting through this. It’s important that you don’t forget all of the progress you’ve already achieved.

Remember why we’re doing this

It’s easy enough to forget about the outside world when you’re stuck indoors, but it’s important we all remember why we’re doing this. By selflessly staying indoors and making huge personal sacrifices, we are each doing things to keep others safe and healthy. Whenever you feel the urge to leave the house, remind yourself that you are playing a huge role in preventing the spread of Coronavirus, and stay focused on the bigger picture.

This is temporary and will soon be a distant memory

Whilst the Coronavirus lockdown is your entire reality at the moment, remember that like everything, this will pass. It might feel like it’s never ending right now but there is light at the end of the tunnel. This will not go on forever.

Practice gratitude

Might feel like a weird time to feel grateful, but it’s important for your own mental health that you do focus on the things you are appreciative of. Writing down 3 things that you are grateful for at the end of the day may seem cliché but right now it’s more important than ever to focus on positives. So, what are you grateful for today? Having access to the internet? The people in your life? Sweatpants? Cause us too.

It’s perfectly normal to feel like rubbish

Nobody is exempt from having mental health and it’s perfectly normal to feel like yours is on a rollercoaster at the moment. If you’re struggling with your sleep, feeling anxious and worried or struggling to feel motivated, know that you most definitely aren’t alone – but just because you’re feeling these emotions doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Talk about your mental health and take this time out as an opportunity to form healthy routines and practices to boost your mental well-being. There’s more information on how to do this over on our Mental Health hub.

Be kind to yourself

Now is definitely a time to practice some self-care and to go easy on yourself. Take this time out as an opportunity for your body to rest and relax. If you feel like staying in your PJ’s all day and not showering until 7pm (can relate) then just go with it, give yourself some breathing space and don’t force productivity if you’re just not feeling it. That said, if you’re struggling every day to do the things you’d usually be able to do, there may be a bigger problem. Feel free to head over to our support forum to get a second opinion.


For some people, a period of isolation and reflection may be an opportunity to figure things out. Having more time than usual could be an opportunity to learn new skills, form healthier habits or to work on a new project or side hustle. If you’re fortunate enough to be in that kind of position, know that the probability of something like this happening again in your lifetime is very slim. Maybe “someday” is today?

Practice healthy boundaries with social media and screen time

Erm so strong probability you’re spending at least 75% of your awake time staring at a screen. If you’re floating from FaceTime to Netflix to your Tumblr dashboard without taking a break, it might be worth structuring in time away from technology – even if it’s just an hour a day, it’ll make a huge difference to your mental wellbeing. Try not to allow this situation to dictate an unhealthy relationship with tech.

Clean your timeline sis

If you’re leaving social media feeling worse about yourself than you did before you opened it, there’s a problem. Unfollow all of the accounts that make you feel like crap about yourself right now and replace them with positive, healthier influences and just observe how it starts to lift your wellbeing.

Ultimately, talk, we’re here to support you through this

Whatever you’re going through, chances are there’s loads of people also going through it. Vent, get a second opinion, ask for help, whatever it is you feel like doing. Be vocal and reach out to sources of support. Whether that’s our support forums or a loved one, don’t go through this in silence and alone.


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