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18 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose track of what we have and what we don’t have in our lives. It’s easy to feel as if we’re not doing as well as we could be doing, or as well as others are doing right now. However what we see of other people’s lives is typically an illusion – a edited and curated version of their life without the struggles, the unhappiness and the difficulties of every day life.

So while growing up is tough, we have to pay attention to the positives and progress we have made. You are definitely doing better than you think you are, and here are 18 ways to prove it.

1) You have a couple of really great friends.

Okay so the 300+ friends you have on social media may suggest otherwise, but friendships really aren’t about quantity. The saying is true that you can count your close friends on one hand.

Quantity is irrelevant to the sense of closeness, acceptance and happiness you experience with true friendship. So, stop striving for popularity and feel great about those amazing friends you have standing by your side in real-time instead.

2) You’re working towards something.

Having a dream helps you see beyond your current situation. Working towards a goal shows to yourself and others that you’ve got direction and purpose.

You are the creator of your own dreams, which have no limits, so design a plan of action that will enable you to achieve them (even if that goal seems like a million years away right now!).

3) You’re making people happy.

Have you made someone smile today? Okay, so it may not seem like a big deal but by bringing laughter and happiness to the lives of others, you’ve made the world a better place. By going out of your way to help people you can be sure you’re doing pretty well already!

Remember that successful people are always looking to help others. You don’t have to be a giver all the time but by striving to be a better person each day and working hard on causes you believe in, you’re not only improving the lives of others, but you’re building your own self-esteem too.

4) You have time to do what you enjoy.

Whether it’s listening to music, writing a blog or watching Netflix in your onesie, having the time to pursue whatever it is you enjoy doing is a privilege so make the most of it!

5) You’re getting to know what you don’t want.

It’s okay to take time to figure out what you want out of life. When it feels like everyone else around you is striving for the perfect relationship or the ultimate career it can be difficult to remember you don’t have to base your life on these people’s schedules.

In fact, discovering who you are by process of elimination and finding out what you don’t want in life, can be a really powerful way of determining what makes you truly happy.

6) You ask questions.

Being sceptical sometimes and doubting the world around you doesn’t make you miserable and annoying. In fact, questioning yourself and challenging ideas demonstrates your self-awareness and openness to growth.

Looking for better ways to do things shows your ability to be both objective and reflexive which will help you solve problems and move forwards in life. You’re already awesome enough to know not to follow the crowd or accept the status quo.

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7) You don’t let others stop you.

Even though it feels like everyone else disagrees with you right now, feel proud that you’ve stuck by whatever it is you feel strongly about. By courageously walking down your own path you’ve shown that you can listen to your intuition and refuse to let the judgments of others hold you back.

8) You have internet access.

So many people around the globe still aren’t connected to the internet but you have the privilege of being able to speak with and get support from individuals all over the world. It’s pretty awesome to know you have the potential to change someone’s life without ever meeting them.

The internet gives you a platform to express yourself, share your thoughts and connect with like-minded people. So make the most of your internet access which opens you up to infinite amounts of knowledge as well as helping you to achieve your goals and make informed decisions.

9) You’ve been rejected.

Life’s a journey which won’t always go your way. But each rejection is an opportunity even though it may not feel like one at the time. When one door closes another one opens and we reckon this one will be even better for you than the first.

10) You’re different to how you were a year ago.

Reflecting upon the good, the bad and the ugly of the last year and the wisdom it’s all given you just highlights how far you’ve come. Being aware of the ways you’ve changed, for better and worse, allows you to move forward. Some people get stuck in their ways and never change which can prevent them from progressing. But life’s about evolving so celebrate all those changes you’ve gone through!

11) You know how to look after no. 1.

Knowing how to take care of yourself may sound simple but you’d be surprised by how many people get this wrong. Feel great about the fact that you already know what relaxes you, which person you should to turn to for some TLC and how many hours sleep you need at night.

Everyone’s different, so getting to understand your own needs is really important and this self-awareness will help you keep going strong right through your life.

12) You’re afraid of something.

Okay, so we certainly don’t want you to live in fear but a little bit of adrenalin can be good for you. So many people go through life without ever leaving their comfort zone but by allowing yourself to be afraid you’ll be able to realise your potential and discover what you need to do most.

13) You’ve lost relationships.

Letting go of that relationship you thought was gonna last forever was heartbreaking. But love is a lesson and letting someone go that wasn’t right for you, is an opportunity. Losing a relationship means that you’ve opened yourself up to the possibility of something else being there.

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14) You don’t fall for the latest craze.

Not falling for the hype is definitely something to feel good about. We live in a society where many of us have forgotten to stop and ask ourselves why it is that we actually want to buy that latest ‘it’ thing before we part with our cash.

People just think they should buy something because everyone else is buying it, but you haven’t let rampant materialism take control. You know to own your possessions and not to let them own you.

15) You’ve made mistakes.

Nobody’s perfect and making mistakes forces us to grow. We’ve all made the wrong choice at some point and have been hurt by others too. Although we can’t justify those actions, it’s what happens next that counts.

So embrace the lessons your mistakes have provided you with and remember that they are no indication of your future potential. Don’t blame yourself for the bad things that have happened to you either, you can’t erase them and they were out of your control.

However, you can reclaim that control now by taking responsibility for your present. By choosing to write your own life story you’re refusing to be a victim, which is really powerful.

You can’t change your past but you can change your future and you are so much more than the bad things you’ve done or that have happened to you.

16) You’re still hurting.

Never suffer in silence. If you’ve had a negative experience, such as being bullied or perhaps you’ve lost someone close to you; always seek support. Whether that means opening up to a friend, talking to us here at Ditch the Label, or working through difficult emotions with a counsellor, remember that you’re not alone.

But still hurting is natural and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It reminds you that you’re fully alive and healing. It’s not feeling any emotions at all that would be the real tragedy.

17) You’re learning.

Whatever it is you’re learning about; having something that intrigues you enough to explore it is worth celebrating. Whether it’s life on mars, politics and society or working for equality, delve into whatever interests you. Learning more each day puts you ahead of people who already think they know everything.

18) You see outside ‘planet you’.         

You don’t need to travel half the globe to achieve a broader world-view. By engaging with current affairs, going out of your way to speak to others and learning about cultures outside of your own shows how you’re already doing everything you can do to open your mind.

Take some time to appreciate your own modesty and genuine interest in the world which gives meaning to your life and strengthens your ability to relate to others. You already know that ignorance isn’t bliss and you can use your knowledge of the world to help the people that need it most and influence social change.

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