20 Totally Realistic New Year’s Resolutions 😂

20 Totally Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

1. Make a resolution to not make any resolutions. 

Let’s be honest, resolutions only last until the 31st January at the VERY latest. Regret, come at me!

2. Do more horizontal running. 

While every one else spends the first week of January struggling to maintain their INSANE and totally unrealistic fitness regime, set your sights a little lower. You can go for a horizontal run whilst watching the TV, whilst in bed, whilst on the phone – the possibilities are endless. It’s actually how Beyonce achieved such toned thighs. IT IS! Honest…

3. Try to avoid click-bait.

Enhance your productivity by taking a mega-chill on links related to kittens, puppies, celebrities and miracle cures that blatantly don’t work.

4. Take up face yoga.

Age better in a cost effective way. (You don’t even need to invest in a mat).

5. Unplug from the Matrix. 

Take some time out of social media because your thumbs are getting bigger from all the scrolling and your self-esteem is getting smaller from all the comparing. #Legitimatereason

6. Applaud those that tell you they are going on a post-festive diet.

It’s sooooooooooooooooooooo much easier than going on a diet yourself.

7. Take over the world. 

Oh sorry, wrong list.

8. Say what you think more often. 

It is so refreshing to say what you are actually thinking rather than feeling like a prisoner trapped in a mind-cage of your own creation.

9. Appreciate nature more. 

Because when was the last time you looked at a tree, mountain, river, beach, glacier that wasn’t your desktop background? If you are a city kid and can’t access any of the aforementioned, sometimes a few strands of grass can be found between slabs of pavement. Go pay it some attention.

10. Compliment yourself every morning. 

Because, you is hawt and self-love is a revolutionary act.

11. Eat more fruit. 

FYI: fruit is actually pretty tasty and guess what? It’s also good for you. People in Hollywood films always get this really sexy look on their face when they eat it, which corroborates my theory that fruit tastes really great.

12. Rid yourself of any people in your life who don’t make you feel good about yourself.

Not in a sinister way! I just mean like, stop hanging out with them. Because, WHAT IS THE POINT? Life is too short to spend it with those who want to put you down.

13. Keep your dreams firmly in sight.

No matter how unrealistic they might seem, keep believing and working towards your dreams AKA million dollars #Dollarmakesmeholla.

14. Tell your crush you like them.

Or just be really, really, creepily unsubtle until they get the hint.

15. Listen to your gut instinct more. 

Your gut instinct is a lot like Mystic Meg, but more credible.

16. Take up a new hobby. 

Not only will you learn something new but you will also become a more interesting person. You might even discover an unknown talent; maybe you are really good at dancing the macarena or maybe you are super bendy and flexible and also really good with cats:

17. Force yourself to smile more often.

Because there is scientific evidence to prove that smiling, even when you don’t want to, makes you feel happier. My top tip: even when you feel totally bummed out and like the world is going to end, just imagine you have a giant smiley emoji for a head. JOKING. If you are feeling low, definitely seek support and confide in someone you trust about how you are feeling. You could even reach out to us here at Ditch the Label if you need a shoulder to lean on!

18. Face a fear.

At least once next year, take yourself out of your comfort zone or try to overcome a phobia. You can conquer any fear if you put your mind to it! Remember the only thing to fear is fear itself:

19. Spend the year just being a nice person. 

Because is it that hard, really? Just be cool! Be a nice! Be kind! Simples.

20. Try and enjoy every moment! 

I hate to be a party-pooper but #realitycheck! All too soon next year will be knocking at your door and you’ll be reading another blog just like this one! Make every moment count.



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