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“Guys Don’t Cry” – The Myths & Truths

Masculinity Myth #1 – Guys don’t cry.

Our research shows that people associate masculine behaviours with strong and powerful characters. With 71% choosing ‘strong’ as a descriptor for masculinity, its no wonder guys think it’s not ok to cry! Some even think that crying a sign of weakness…

57% of American guys and 50% of British guys agreed that society sends the message, “men who talk about their worries, fears and problems shouldn’t get respect.” We’re here to set the record straight: your gender does not exclude you from emotion.

No one finds crying easy, fun or something to really look forward to. It sucks, it’s uncomfortable, it turns us into a snotty, blubbering mess. It puts most of us outside of our comfort zone and leaves us feeling exposed and vulnerable. So it seems bizarre that on top of all of that, we are then told that we categorically cannot and should not cry because we are guys!?!

Suicide is the biggest killer of young guys in the UK today.

Guys not only need to cry but their lives’ depend on being told its ok to cry. Learning how to process difficult emotions is critical to a person’s well-being, mental health and happiness. The effects of guys being told they can’t cry results in the suppression and denial of feelings, which can be catastrophic and far-reaching. Crying is a natural human emotion, think of it as a bodily function – kinda like peeing, but out of your eyes…

Here are some things you may not have known about crying:

Crying cleans your eyes 😢

Turns out crying is actually physically good for your eyes. The tears help to get rid of harmful toxins and bacteria that live there so next time you are having a bit of a sob – at least you know that your eyes are grateful for the clean.

Crying releases pain 😭

Crying is uncomfortable which is why so many of us rush to block the tears. The good news is that crying helps to release pain and is your body’s way of getting your attention to let you know that something is wrong. Crying just forces you to acknowledge it, otherwise, it can be all too easy to push it aside.

Crying makes you feel better 😰

There’s a science behind the reasons why crying can make us feel better. The tears we shed have been shown to cause the release of endorphins which contain something called Leucine Enkephalin, our body’s natural painkiller.

Crying is normal 😪

Crying is a completely natural response to our environment. If crying wasn’t a normal, biological process, then it wouldn’t happen. It’s the same as an uncontrolled response like sneezing!

Crying with Laughter 😂

There’s nothing better than laughing so hard you cry, we all have that one mate who cracks us up, even in the most awkward situations!

Finally, crying along with laughing and smiling is one of the oldest forms of communication. So, get out there and don’t be scared to go after all the feels you can feel!


That being said, if you are depressed or need to talk about something, join our community to talk to a digital mentor – no judgement here, just a shoulder or two to cry on!


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