“Going On The Undateables Was Really Good Fun”: We Interviewed Lily Scott

We caught up with Lily Scott from The Undateables

DtL: Hi Lily! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Lily: I am 19 and I have Williams Syndrome which means I learn slowly. Sometimes I struggle in social situations because I try to be so friendly and other people think it is weird that I am so friendly to them! I go to college and my course is called Independent Life Skills so I am learning how to be independent. I live with my mum, my dog and my cat. One day I would like to live independently. I like to paint my nails, go to Speedway with my dad, have sleepovers with my sister and go on ghost hunts. I am a happy person but I can be sad and I worry a lot. This is because I have Williams Syndrome.

DtL: What was it like going on The Undateables?
Lily: Going on The Undateables was really good fun. I liked being on TV and filming for the show was fun. Going on a date gave me lots of confidence and it has taught me how to speak to people who I don’t know very well. I would like to go on more dates and meet new people.

“Going on The Undateables was really good fun”


DtL: Have you ever experienced bullying? 
Lily: I don’t think I have been properly bullied, you know like properly. It’s just when people use bad language or look at me funny that I don’t like it. It makes me feel uncomfortable and sad and I think they’re rude.

DtL: What motto do you live by?
Lily: Don’t bottle it up. Good things take time!

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DtL: What advice would you give to others living with Williams Syndrome?
Lily: This is difficult. It’s important to listen to the people who love you, because they can keep you safe. Sometimes my sister tells me not to speak to some people if she thinks they are not kind and I do not like it when she tells me what to do, but I know I have to listen to her because she cares. Sometimes if I am feeling sad I do not want to go out to college or my youth club, but it’s important that I do go so that I don’t get lonely. So I would tell people with Williams Syndrome to keep socialising with the right people.

DtL: What is your perspective on true love?
Lily: It is hard to find true love! I would like to find true love. I think it would feel very happy. It’s difficult for me to find true love, I need help meeting new people because I struggle with reading and writing and using the Internet, which means it is tricky for me to date and organise dates. Most people do this easily. I know that I will find someone one day. Everyone deserves to be loved.

“Listen to the people who love you, make sure you do this, even if they annoy you”


DtL: What do you think about Ditch the Label?
Lily: I think Ditch the Label is an incredible charity. They give great advice which everyone should listen to. They are inspiring and encourage people to be who they really are.

DtL: What advice would you give to those who might be experiencing bullying right now?
Lily: I would say don’t get involved, walk away, don’t put yourself into danger. Speak to somebody, always make sure you go to a person and then they can help you. If you can’t tell somebody using words then write it down or draw it. Listen to the people who love you, make sure you do this, even if they annoy you. They are only annoying because they love you. It is not your fault that you are being bullied and you do not deserve it.

DtL: Is there anything you would to add?
Lily: Social media can make people feel really sad. I would like to say that when you look at other people’s pages on social media, don’t feel sad, because I’ve learnt that a lot of it is fake and not true.