Identity Update

The Anthem

We live in a world where it is a rebellion to be yourself. Where people are ostracised and bullied because of attitudes towards how they look, who they love, the colour of their skin or pretty much anything that makes them unique. We say enough is enough. It’s time to rebel against the pressure to change yourself to ‘fit in’.  It’s time to embrace yourself for who you truly are. It’s time for a revolution.

This is our vision. This is our purpose.

This is our manifesto.

Ditch the Label’s Anthem.


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    I think there should be :)!
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  • Are you okay? ( Trogger Warnings if needed !)
    How are you feeling today? Me- stressed, down and feel like bursting into tears
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    Hello, I was wondering whether a anxiety post would be beneficial for the mental health part? A list of distractions, and ways to distract to calm yourself down from anxiety..
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    Diamond Status for August Each month, our team of Community Managers, Digital Mentors and Wardens will be nominating members to receive Diamond Status to acknowledge contributions towards making our community a welcoming and safe space for all. Diamond Status comes with a bundle of temporary perks, most notably a blue username, a Diamond Status user […]
  • A lil confession and a Q and A if you have the time
    I have a friend who apparently no one else can see. I dont wanna say "imaginary" cos I dont wanna upset her ( shes chatting to me as I type so I apologize if I sound off). Anyway Her names poppy and shes been with me for ages. Shes 16 now and her birthday was […]