Who's your BFF?
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Nominate Your Mate for the DTL BFF Award

We’re on the hunt for the World’s best friend…

Ditch the Label are celebrating International Day of Friendship on the 30th July 2017 by conducting a search for the world’s best friend.

Do you have a BFF who you can trust with your life? Do you have a BFF who has shown immense courage through hard times? Do you have a BFF who makes you howl with laughter on the daily?

Best mates come in all shapes, sizes, colours and creeds. Nominate yours for the DTL BFF award for a chance to get kitted out in the latest DTL merch. What’s more, you could be featured in an exclusive BFF interview on the DTL homepage…

Nominate your BFF

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  • A simple question.
    How do you know if your bisexual?
  • lonely and exhausted by life
    i've been depressed for so long it doesn't feel like it can get any better. i've been suicidal on and off for the past two years. it feels really unfair that i can't catch a break. people with loving families and a support system don't realize how lucky they are. i'm so lonely. i feel […]
  • Please help
    I just had various pictures of me leaked and I dont know what to do. I sent them a while ago to a bf I had (now ex) and they were just sent back to me and sent to different friends of mine from a random "new" insta account. Im a minor and the pictures […]
  • Relationship issues
    Me and my boyfriend broke up today....we been dating for a year and some months now. Last Monday night we were talking and everything was okay and then I asked him a question because I felt like he was ignoring me and then he went ahead and blocked me on WhatsApp. I reached out to […]
  • Hi
    Hi, how does this work?
  • am i bisexual ?
    I am 17(girl) and i have been confused about sexuallity. Till now , i have only dated guys and i have boyfriend too but i want to know my sexuallity. When i was 15 , i was attracted to a girl but i didn't knew that she was girl cuz she looked like guy , […]